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In School

Whether you're a general education, special education, ELL, foreign language, ELL or adult literacy teacher your goal is to create an environment where your students can take risks safely when learning new material, adopt and practice good habits, and take ownership of their own learning that will extend into lifelong learning. To be successful in a global and knowledge-based economy, greater language capacity is important. Each student learns differently and requires a unique language and literacy plan that can unleash their true abilities. Giving them the right tools to succeed is a critical first step. WordQ+speakQ enables students to learn on their own, make mistakes safely and develop long lasting writing and editing habits.


As an educator, you likely face two challenges: transitioning your teaching to meet the Common Core Standards, and managing a classroom with more students. This makes it difficult to give each child the attention you wish you could give them.

WordQ+speakQ is curriculum agnostic and becomes a supplemental writing tool that you can implement to drive individual student-centered learning, bridge the gap between lessons taught and work produced, all with minimal supervision on your part. This helps you more readily connect with all of your students on a personal level. You can focus more on evaluating the ideas and less on finding the mistakes.

By providing your students with the skills of successful communication, they will be better positioned to go out into the world, empowered and confident.

At Home

The goal of any loving parent is to see their children fulfilled, whether that comes from steady relationships or successful accomplishments. The ability to shine brightly often requires confidence. Parents

Having difficulty with writing and reading can undermine that potential, restricting access to the world around them, and making every day a struggle. Seeing their peers progress while they experience problems is demoralizing for the child and creates all kinds of unwanted emotions.

WordQ+speakQ is about giving your child the tools to be able to stand behind their work, and to claim the most basic of human rights: self-expression.

Independence gained through effective writing and reading is a critical step to fulfillment. It will open all kinds of doors to places that you want your children to see.

wordQ+speakQ is available for Windows Vista/7/8.1.

wordQ is available for Windows Vista - 8.1, or Mac O/S 10.6 Snow Leopard - 10.10 Yosemite